QuantERA's Report on Public Policies in Quantum Technologies in Europe

QuantERA (ERA-NET Cofund in Quantum Technologies) is a consortium gathering 32 research funding organizations (RFO) in 27 countries that finances international research projects in the area of Quantum Technologies (QT). The Croatian Science Foundation joined QuantERA in 2018. 

In 2020, members of the QuantERA Consortium set out to describe the existing national public policies in Quantum Technologies. Each organisation drafted an overview of research priority areas in QT, QT funding both within the organization and at the national level and a list of the national Quantum Technology research community.

The results of the inventory will contribute to inform researchers on public policies in Quantum Technologies in Europe, as well as the funding instruments and priorities within the relevant RFOs. Moreover, it will support the coordination of those public policies between the RFOs, the advancement of the QuantERA programme and of future transnational QuantERA calls for proposals, and the further development of the European Quantum Technology Flagship.

The report is available here.