The Board

The Foundation is governed by the Board, which is composed of seven members. The Foundation’s Board members are appointed by the Croatian Parliament upon nomination by the Government of the Republic of Croatia, who selects them from the pool of excellent Croatian scientists, taking into account equal representation of all scientific areas. Candidates for Board members are nominated by scientific institutes, the Croatian Rectors’ Conference, university Senates, the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, The Croatian Chamber of Commerce, employers’ associations, National Council for Science as well as individual scientists and academia members, following a public call for nominations.

Board members elect their President and Deputy President by a majority vote.

At the constitutive session of the current Board, held on 17 June 2021, the Board members elected as Board President Professor Nikola Ružinski, PhD. Professor Željko Kaštelan, PhD, F.C.A. and Associate Professor Anna-Maria Getoš Kalac were elected as Deputy Presidents.

Current members of the Foundation's Board

Executive Director

The Foundation’s administrative operation is managed by the Executive Director. Pursuant to the provisions of the Act on the Amendments to the Croatian Science Foundation Act (Official Gazette No. 78/12), the Executive Director is selected following a public call to a five-year term, and is appointed and released from duty by the Board.


The Foundation is divided into five departments: Department for Scientific Projects and Programmes, Department for Young Researchers, Department for International Programmes and Funds, Department for Financial Affairs and Department for General Affairs.

Dr Lovorka Barać Lauc, PhD

Head of Department for Young Researchers

Ms Barbara Tenčić

Head of Department for Financial Affairs

Ms Sandra Milovanović Soldatić

Head of Department for Scientific Projects and Programmes

Ms Jasminka Boljević

Head of Department for International Programmes and Funds