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Research Projects

The Programme “Research Projects” has been established for funding fundamental research whose goal is creating new and enhancing existing knowledge about a specific area and that is directed at better understanding of the research topic as well as applied research that is conducted with clear technological, economic or social aims in mind.

The Call is also open for submission of bilateral and multilateral project proposals in collaboration with Slovenian and/or Swiss research teams through the Weave initiative. 

Call IP-2022-10 in brief:

Call publication date: 24 May 2022
Submission deadline: 05 October 2022 @13.00 (CET)
The Call is open to all scientific fields
Project funding duration: 4 years


Call for Proposals IP-2020-20 (.pdf)

Administrative Form (.doc)
Application Form (.doc)

Work Plan (.doc)
Financial Plan (.xls)
Partner Institution Support Letter (.doc)
Research Data Management Plan (.doc)

Evaluation Criteria A (.pdf)
Evaluation Criteria B (.pdf)
Evaluation Criteria C (.pdf)


Research Projects – Bilateral Swiss-Croatian Projects (IPCH-2022-10)

Pursuant to the Multilateral Lead Agency cooperation agreement signed between the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and the Croatian Science Foundation (HRZZ) as part of the Weave initiative, the Croatian Science Foundation is launching a Call for co-funding the Croatian part of Swiss-Croatian research projects. Croatian scientists in collaboration with their Swiss partners can submit their joint proposals to SNSF’s Call for Proposals, which is open until 1 October 2022. The Call is implemented according to the Lead Agency principle, whereby the Lead Agency is in charge of the proposal evaluation process in line with its internal procedures. Eligibility criteria for Croatian scientists are identical to eligibility criteria for the Call “Research Projects”.

The Call “Research projects – Swiss-Croatian bilateral projects” will finance fundamental research which creates new and enhances existing knowledge about a particular area and is aimed at better understanding of the research subject. The proposed topic must be internationally recognisable and/or nationally relevant, and the Applicant must have an excellent track record.

The Call IPCH-2022-10 funds the Croatian part of Swiss-Croatian research projects
which have received positive evaluation marks in the international peer review process conducted by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) as the Lead Agency and which have been accepted for funding under the condition that formal criteria from both partner organizations have been met. Project proposals ranked within the first 20% of all submitted proposals to SNSF will be recommended for funding.

The joint Swiss-Croatian research project is implemented by a Swiss and a Croatian research team, headed by the Swiss Principal Investigator. The Swiss Principal Investigator, in collaboration with their Croatian partner, prepares a project proposal pursuant to the Call published by the Swiss National Science Foundation and submits it to the SNSF Call. Project proposals contain a joint scientific description of the project and indicate the scientific contribution of Swiss and Croatian researchers. Swiss and Croatian parts of the research project need to be closely connected and complementary and the scientific contribution from both sides needs to be clearly defined, visible and transparent.

The Croatian team, headed by the Croatian Principal Investigator, in parallel to this, submits a separate application to HRZZ, which consists of the following documents: Administrative Form, Curriculum Vitae with five-year track record (PDF of document submitted to SNSF), list of research results in the previous five-year period (PDF of document submitted to SNSF), Work Plan and Financial Plan of the Croatian part of the joint research project, Letter of Support by the PI’s Organization, letters of intent and additional documents.

Call IPCH-2022-04 in brief:

Call opening date:
29 June 2022
Call closing date: the joint application is to be submitted to SNSF by 1 October 2022 at 17:00 (CET); the Croatian applicant needs to submit the Croatian part of the proposal until 5 October 2022 at 12:00 (CET) into the EPP system.
The Call is open to all scientific fields
Principal Investigator: distinguished scientist with internationally recognised achievements in science and/ or technology within the research field of the proposed project with the Swiss partner
Project: fundamental research conducted by a distinguished research group
Project funding duration: up to 4 years
Estimated project start date: not before 1 June 2023

Applications are submitted through the EPP system only, in English only. The Applicant shall be responsible for the equivalence of the proposal to the proposal submitted by the Swiss PI to SNSF.

All questions are to be sent to the email address



Call for Proposals (.pdf)

Administrative Form (.doc)
Work Plan (.doc)
Financial Plan (.xls)
Institutional Support Letter (.doc)
Research Data Management Plan (.doc)

Future calls

Several calls will be funded from the National Recovery and Resilience Programme (more detail available on our Croatian site)

Other new calls will be announced when we secure sufficient funds for their implementation.