Fragmentation of the public scientific research system, lack of investments from the business sector into research and development as well as modest investments into research-intensive and innovative areas are some of the reasons why Croatia seriously lags behind when it comes to applied and developmental research. For this reason, targeted financial instruments should be implemented to secure that significant amounts of budgetary and extra-budgetary funds are invested into making connections between the academic and business sectors, evaluation and monitoring of joint projects, with special emphasis placed on the mobility of young researchers into the economic, public and private sector.

By launching a programme for collaboration between science and the economy, between the public and private sectors, investments from the economic sector into science and research can be systematically directed toward best projects and researchers, while the mobility of researchers into the economic sector can be enhanced.

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The Programme is intended to support partnerships in research between public universities or public scientific institutes in Croatia and extra-budgetary sources of funding (not financed from the State budget) from Croatia or from abroad (private companies, local administration units, foreign foundations and agencies for funding research, foreign scientific organisations). Project proposals are submitted by public universities or public scientific institutes registered in the Republic of Croatia. The Principal Investigator is a prominent scientist with internationally recognised achievements in science and/or technology in the area in which the proposal is submitted.

Five calls have been published within this Programme (PAR-2015-02, PAR-2016-05, PAR-2017-02, PAR-2018-07, PAR-2018-12) and six projects were funded.