The Project “Building Croatian Professional Terminology” (STRUNA) was launched following the initiative by the Council for Standard Croatian Language Norm. The Croatian Science Foundation supported this Project from 2008 to 2013, and resumed its support from 2016. STRUNA represents a collaboration between experts in linguistics with experts in other professions. The Institute for Croatian Language and Linguistics as the national coordinator provides terminological, Croatistic and technical support to the accepted projects. This Programme is the only functioning form of terminology planning in the Republic of Croatia.

The aim of this Programme is the development of a database of Croatian professional terminology (systematic terminology collections) of individual professions with their translation equivalents in other languages (primarily English, but other languages are included as well).

The database, maintained by the Institute for Croatian Language and Linguistcs, currently contains more than 30,000 Croatian terms as well as their equivalents in English and other languages (