National research programmes were designed with the aim of supporting advanced scientific research recognised at the international level by investing into advanced scientific ideas and excellent researchers in all scientific fields and promoting international criteria of excellence.

The Foundation’s strategic goal is to ensure stable funding of research teams that deal with internationally and/or nationally relevant scientific topics and which create new and enhance existing knowledge through basic, applied or developmental research. This primarily pertains to competitive research projects, which are aimed at connecting scientific organizations, researchers and equipment and developing scientific capacities, as well as installation research projects, whose aim is to establish new research teams headed by young scientists at the start of their independent research careers, who were recognised by their organizations as future champions of scientific development.

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The Programme “Research Projects” funds fundamental research whose goal is creating new and enhancing existing knowledge about a specific area and that is directed at better understanding of the research topic, as well as applied research that is conducted with clear technological, economic or social aims in mind. Projects are funded for a period of 4 years.

Between 2013 and now, seven calls have been published within this Programme (IP-2013-11, IP-2014-09, IP-2016-06, IP-2018-01, IP-2019-04, IP-2020-02, IP-2022-10) through which more than 800 projects were funded.

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The goal of the Programme “Installation Research Projects” is providing support to the establishment of new research groups of young scientists in order to accelerate the establishment of their autonomous research careers after the acquisition of a doctoral degree. The Programme enables young scientists to establish their own research group and laboratory during a five-year funding period. The project proposal should primarily include the development of new research topics and/or methodology.

The Programme is intended for researchers that obtained their doctorate at least two years and at most seven years before the Call deadline and who wish to form or develop a new research team and become independent researchers.

Between 2013 and now, five calls have been published within this Programme (UIP-2013-11, UIP-2014-09, UIP-2017-05, UIP-2019-04, UIP-2020-02) and more than 200 projects were funded.

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The goal of the Programme is to support research and developmental activities in the field of climate change mitigation and adaptation. By encouraging the Croatian scientific community to take a more active part in solving nationally relevant problems related to climate change and measures associated to it, with a special focus on sustainable energy and cooperation between different sectors, we put additional emphasis on the development of a sustainable society.

This Programme funds scientific and research activities aimed at facing the challenges of climate change.

Through the implementation of the Programme, we expect to obtain analyses and proposals of innovations aimed at increasing energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources, as well as proposals for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in industry, agriculture and other sectors. On top of that, the Programme should contribute to a more efficient system of predicting and preventing consequences of natural disasters resulting from climate change.

One Call was published within this Programme (PKP-2016-06) and ten projects were accepted for funding.

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In these exceptionally demanding circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Croatian Science Foundation, as part of its mission, will support research groups that are able to solve the greatest research challenges in order to save human lives and protect health and well-being of the population of the Republic of Croatia.

These thematic Calls will fund fundamental and applied research that creates new and improves existing knowledge on infectious diseases caused by corona viruses as well as research that explores social aspects of the pandemic and the effect of the pandemic on the education system.

Two thematic calls have been published so far: 

 – Infectious Diseases Caused by Corona Viruses and the Social and Educational Aspects of the Pandemic (IP-CORONA-2020-04), which saw 11 projects selected for funding.

 – Health, Economic and Educational Aspects of the COVID-19 Pandemic (IP-CORONA-2020-12)