After the evaluation has ended, the evaluation panels determine whether a project proposal complies with the defined criteria and decide whether to recommend it for funding. Project proposals that, in the panel’s opinion, meet the criteria and receive a recommendation for funding will be ranked.

After each panel drafts its own ranking list, all panel coordinators meet together to determine the final lists of project proposals recommended for funding, taking into consideration the evaluation results, the availability of financial resources and equal development of scientific fields, disciplines and branches.

Based on the evaluation results and the panel recommendations, the Board shall adopt a decision on opening financial negotiations. During the financial negotiations, applicants are asked to update their financial and work plans according to the recommendations and comments of the reviewers and evaluation panel. The updated financial and work plans are reviewed by the panel members, who then notify the Foundation’s Office whether all recommendations and comments have been taken into account. The negotiations have to be finalised within two months from the day the applicant received the notification on the evaluation results. The deadline shall not include the time necessary for the provision of documents issued by competent bodies in accordance with the regulations in force. If the negotiations have not been finalised within the deadline, the Board may decide not to finance the project proposal.

Upon successful completion of the financial negotiations, the Foundation’s Office will submit the final versions of the work and financial plans to the Board, who will then adopt a decision on accepting the project for funding. After this, the Foundation, the Principal Investigator and the Organization sign a Grant Agreement. In case the negotiations have not been successfully finalised, the Board will adopt a decision not to fund the project proposal.