Pursuant to the provisions of the Grant Agreement, in case circumstances occur that might cause changes to the work and financial plan, Principal Investigators are obliged to submit a request for amendments to the work and/or financial plan, providing clear justifications for the proposed amendment.

For the purpose of facilitating project implementation, PIs are allowed to deviate between items of the financial plan in the amount of up to 20% of the approved amount for the reporting period concerned for which they are not obliged to seek the Foundation’s prior approval. For any deviation exceeding 20%, the PI shall seek the Foundation’s prior approval.

Amendments to the Work and Financial Plans shall not be possible within 30 days before the end of the reporting period or 3 months before the end of the Project. Amendments to the Work and Financial Plans may be proposed no more than 4 times in a reporting period and only for the following quarter; i.e. they may not be submitted retroactively.

The Request for Amendments provides for one of the following amendments:

  • A) modifications to the Work Plan
  • B) modifications to the Financial Plan
  • C) modifications to the composition of the research team
  • D) modifications to project duration and/or reporting periods
  • E) modifications to sources of project funding
  • F) change of the Principal Investigator’s Home Organization
  • G) new Principal Investigator