prof. dr. sc. Ivica Kisić

Influence of Summer Fire on Soil and Water Quality

Project code: IP-2018-01-1645
Institution: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture
Project duration: 01 December 2018 – 30 November 2022
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Summer fire represents a natural disaster for the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia, and especially for the Mediterranean part. In Mediterranean Croatia, risk of wildfires increase with rural depopulation and land abandonment. Pile burning, used as fuel reduction treatment, are wide spread techniques for removing agricultural residues. Unfortunately, sometimes burning the residues can cause wildfire occurrence. One of the biggest consequences of wildfires is the increase in soil erosion, which causes a decrease in soil quality, water pollution, increase in greenhouse gas emissions, and a decrease in biodiversity. Until now, multi-year researches about soil and water response in post-fire period in the Republic of Croatia, haven’t been sufficiently conducted. As part of the present scientific project, research on erosion processes and the impact of fire on soil and water quality is being conducted at several locations in Mediterranean Croatia. Mulching is a measure included in post-fire rehabilitation that has been shown effective in preventing soil degradation. The research will reveal the most appropriate agro-techniques for minimalising soil degradation in post-fire period, the degree of negative effects of fire on physical, chemical, and hydrological properties on the soil, and the temporal variability of soil properties in the post-fire period. The relationship between run-off, erosion and nutrient loss in relation to rainfall events and burn intensity will be determined. Also, time period of vegetation recuperation on burned areas in relation to various burn severity will be determined. What potential organic and inorganic water erosion contaminants could end up in surface waters, how fires degrade soil, and the extent to which mulch leads to increased soil quality are key premises of this research.

Born in Derventa, BiH; August 1963. Received Master’s and Doctoral degrees at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb. In July 2013, awarded the title of full professor by the University of Zagreb. Published scientific and professional papers with 265 scientists from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Finland, Croatia, Japan, China, Hungary, Macedonia, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, USA and Great Britain. As an author or co-author of 15 books, is the author or co-author of 19 chapters in scientific and professional books. Participated in the preparation of 225 scientific papers. At the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, is the head of the Soil Section of the Scientific Council for Nature Protection.