International Call “Transformations: Social and Cultural Dynamics in the Digital Age” by CHANSE now open

CHANSE (Collaboration of Humanities and Social Sciences in Europe) is a joint initiative of 27 Funding Organisations from 24 countries, whose goal is to support collaborative research projects in the area of arts, humanities and social sciences. The programme has been co-created by HERA and NORFACE networks and is co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.

The call “Transformations: Social and cultural dynamics in the digital age” aims to fund transnational, excellent, multidisciplinary research projects which will help understand how digital innovations give rise to social and cultural changes and at the same time how they are influenced by society and culture. There are two main topics of the Call: 1. Cultural Transformations in the Digital Age and 2. Digitalization and Social Transformation. Every proposal must demonstrate a strong European dimension (i.e. investigating the changes taking place/affecting Europe as a whole, or at the level of a European country, city, community, etc.).

Each collaborative research project (CRP) must comprise at least four Principal Investigators (PI), i.e. Partners, from four or more different countries participating in the call (referred to as “4-4 rule”). Each CRP is led by one of the PIs, the Project Leader. Each partner must fulfil the conditions of the national/regional Funding Organisation, as described in the National/Regional Eligibility Requirements document. A Principal Investigator (PI) can participate as a PI or Project Leader (PL) in a single CHANSE proposal only.

The call follows a two-stage submission and evaluation procedure. First, a short Outline Proposal is submitted. If the outline is selected, the project consortium is invited to submit the Full Proposal. The proposals will be evaluated on the basis of criteria of Excellence, Impact, and Quality and Efficiency of Implementation. An additional criterion – Relevance to the Call theme – will be assessed at the Outline Proposal Stage.

Outline Proposals must be submitted by the Project Leader on behalf of all Principal Investigators via the Electronic Proposal Submission System (EPSS) before the deadline of 7th May 2021 at 14:00 CET.

Total call budget: EUR 36 million (includes EUR 10 million of the EC co-funding). There is no budget cap on an individual CRP project. However, a maximum budget of 1,500,000 Euros across all participating partners is recommended. A budget of one national research team should not exceed 50% of the overall CRP budget, while different partners from the same country may request up to 60% of the overall CRP budget.

Project duration: between 24 and 36 months

List of countries participating in the call is available on the CHANSE website.

Tentative timeline:

  • 7th May 2021, 14.00 CET – deadline for submitting Outline Proposals
  • September 2021 – invitation to submit Full Proposals
  • 7th December 2021, 14.00 CET – deadline for submitting full proposals
  • March 2022 – rebuttal phase
  • May/June 2022 – call results
  • September-October 2022 – earliest funded projects start

To facilitate consortia building, a Partner Search Tool is provided at

Potential applicants interested in the CHANSE Call are invited to participate in the live webinar, which will serve to present detailed information about the call including research theme, eligibility requirements, application and evaluation procedure, and Q&A session. The CHANSE Call webinar is scheduled for 15th March 2021 at 10:00 CET. Link to the registration form is available here.

The Call documentation and Guidelines for Applicants is available on the page Open calls.