dr. sc. Barbara Zorica

Exploration of ecologically sensitive areas with special emphasis on growth, development and protection of commercially important maritime organisms

Project code: IP-2018-01-8013
Institution: Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries
Project duration: 27 September 2018 – 26 September 2022
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This research project is aimed at reaching new scientific findings, as well as revising the knowledge gained so far regarding the biology and ecology as well as spawning/growth areas of Adriatic demersal and pelagic exploited species.

The long-term sustainable state of biological and renewable resources of the Adriatic Sea, such as numerous species of fish, crustaceans and cephalopods, depends on both the intensity of exploitation and the intensity of recruitment of each species. The success of recruitment depends on a number of abiotic and biotic factors characterized by ecologically sensitive habitats (spawning/growth areas). Identifying environmentally sensitive habitats of commercially important species in the Adriatic, describing the state of populations and communities in them, as well as defining basic ecological parameters are crucial for their successful growth and development.

The project would define spawning and growth areas of important demersal and pelagic species of the Adriatic Sea. On the basis of the gathered results, adequate protection measures will be proposed which should ensure the long-term stability and conservation of living marine resources, taking into account the integrity of the ecosystem as a whole and the socio-economic aspects of fishing industry. Taking into account all potential beneficiaries of the results (Directorate for Fisheries, fishermen), we are of the opinion that the proposed research is extremely important for successful harmonisation of the Republic of Croatia with the Common Fisheries Policy of the EU.

After obtaining my Ph.D. in 2009, I was actively involved in several national (5) and international projects, where I participated as either research associate or Principal Investigator/Coordinator. I also took part in designing National Recovery Plans for purse seines and Management Strategy for Marine Environment and Coastal Area pursuant to Articles 8, 9 and 10 of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.