Researchers from project GEOSEKVA publish paper in Frontiers in Earth Science

Scientists collaborating on project IP-2016-06-1854 “GEOSEKVA – Geological and seismological aspects of geodynamics in Kvarner area – unveiling of the Kvarner fault” headed by the Principal Investigator Dr Tvrtko Korbar, PhD (Croatian Geological Survey), recently published the paper Active tectonics in the Kvarner region (External Dinarides, Croatia) – an alternative approach based on focused geological mapping, 3D seismological and shallow seismic imaging data in the respected journal Frontiers in Earth Science.

The objective of the Project is to define, through a combination of geological research and seismologic measurements, tectonic mechanisms that have been causing earthquakes at the Kvarner fault. The new paper presents field results collected from the area between Bakar and the island of Krk. By integrating different types of data, experts developed 3D models of the geological composition of the wider Rijeka area, which can be used in further interdisciplinary research.

The paper was published in open access and is available here.