Paper by Croatian scientists selected for the cover page of Astronomische Nachrichten

The prominent scientific journal Astronomische Nachrichten/Astronomical Notes recently published a paper by the research team of project IP-2018-01-7549 “Millimeter and submillimeter observations of the solar chromosphere with ALMA (Principal Investigator: Dr Roman Brajša from the Hvar Observatory of the University of Zagreb Faculty of Geodesy). The paper features predictions regarding the maximum of the current (25th) solar magnetic activity cycle. Even though some experts believe that the current cycle should be equal to or slightly stronger than the previous, the analysis by Brajša et al. indicates that the upcoming maximum of the Sun’s activity will be similar to or even slightly weaker than the previous. 

A single cycle of the Sun’s magnetic activity covers the period from minimum to maximum and back to minimum activity and usually takes around 11 years. The Sun’s activity is measured by the relative number of sun spots. During each cycle the Sun’s magnetic field rotates when the magnetic activity reaches its maximum.

One of the graphs from the paper (see below) was chosen for the cover page of the March issue of the journal.

The figure shows the smoothed monthly sunspot number in solar cycle maxima
as a function of the same quantity three years before the preceding solar minimum,
for solar cycles number 1–24.