Chemists from Osijek published a paper in the new journal Oxford Open Materials Science

The research team of the project IP-2016-06-3115The study of the role of rare earth metal promoters and ordering on the redox properties of CeO2 – ZrO2 system – SOLFERROMAT” (Professor Igor Đerđ, PhD – Principal Investigator, Professor Zvonko Jagličić, PhD and doctoral students Dalibor Tatar and Jelena Bijelić), which is implemented at the Department of Chemistry of the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek published a paper entitled Size reduction-induced properties modifications of antiferromagnetic dielectric nanocrystalline Ba2NiMO6 (M = W, Te) double perovskites in a new journal published by Oxford University Press – Oxford Open Materials Science.

The paper was written upon invitation of the journal editors. We believe that any scientist is honoured to see their paper published in the very first issue of a scientific journal and, on top of that, on the first pages thereof.

The paper was published in open access and is available here.