Bilateral calls with Switzerland and Czech Republic now open

Pursuant to the Multilateral Cooperation Agreement concluded between the Croatian Science Foundation and the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and the Czech Science Foundation (GAČR) respectively, the Croatian Science Foundation is launching the Call for co-funding the Croatian part of bilateral Swiss-Croatian (IPCH-2024-04) and Czech-Croatian (IPCZ-2024-04) research projects.

The bilateral project is implemented by a research team from Switzerland/Czech Republic on the one side and a research team from Croatia on the other side, headed by the Principal Investigator from Switzerland or Czech Republic respectively. The Principal Investigator, in collaboration with their Croatian partner, prepares a project proposal pursuant to the terms and conditions of the respective calls published by SNSF and GAČR and submits it to the SNSF/GAČR Call.

Application deadline: the joint proposal should be submitted to SNSF/GAČR by 3 April 2024, while the Croatian PI should submit their application via the EPP system by 12 April 2024 @12.00 noon (CET) 

Project duration: 3 years for Call IPCZ-2024-04, 4 years for Call IPCH-2024-04

The application of the Croatian PI shall be submitted through the EPP systemEPP users should select the module WEAVE-2024 when applying.

Queries related to the Call are to be sent only via email to the following address:

Text of both Calls and application documentation can be downloaded from the page Open calls.