Calls published within this Programme enable scientifically active mentors researching internationally and/or nationally relevant topics to include young researchers (doctoral students) into their projects, thus directing their careers toward top-notch science.

The Programme provides funding of doctoral students’ gross salaries, the primary aim being the delivery of a doctoral dissertation and adopting knowledge regarding basic postulates of scientific work and research.

The Programme also aims to strengthen the mentoring capacities in Croatian scientific institutions, the transfer and application of new knowledge and enhance the quality of postgraduate eudcation and scientific development of young researchers.

Between 2013 and now, six calls have been published within this Programme (DOK-2014-06, DOK-2015-10, DOK-2018-01 (financed by the European Social Fund), DOK-2018-09, DOK-2020-01, DOK-2021-02) and more than 1,100 scientists were given the opportunity to employ young researchers.